How to Paint like a Pro

If you are looking for tips to ensure that your home’s paint will appear as if it was painted by a professional, then here’s a list for you.  



  1. Dry Weather 


When it comes to painting, humidity is your time’s enemy. When the air is humid, your paint can slowly dry and it can drip that’s why skip painting when it’s raining. If you really want to paint despite the weather, then take all the time you need to make sure you get the best outcome.  


  1. Prepare and Inspect 


If you are seeing cracks, flaking or areas that are peeling, this means you need to make sure that you sand it carefully so that as you apply a new primer or paint, you won’t be pulling the old paint. If you skip preparing the surface you will be painting, your paint investment will surely go to the drain.  


  1. Brushes, rollers and tapes 


Investing in brushes, rollers and tapes is as important as investing in the right paint for your wall. If you want the best coverage for your walls, just like makeup, the brushes you need to purchase for your walls should be of high quality, else you should expect a coverage that’s not so well defined. If you want to seal some blurs or drips, the best quality tapes will definitely do the trick.  


  1. Protect the things you don’t want to be painted 


Painting can be messy however you can always do something to prevent spreading a mess. Always make sure to cover the floors of your home, the furniture and any hardware that you don’t want to be painted on. Paint can be hard to remove, so it is always best to cover the things you don’t want to get stained on.  


To make it easy for you, here’s a few steps to making sure you get the best outcome.  


  1. Primer 


If you are used to using a combo of paint and primer then do so if your surface is cleaned thoroughly or if it is smooth enough however always use a separate primer if you have a surface that is challenging.  


  1. Box your paint 


If you are going to paint your home, make sure that you know the right amount you need. Boxing is a process of mixing all the paint you have so that you will end up with the same shade all throughout.  


  1. Use your rollers 


Paint nowadays flows very freely and if you have invested on a roller that is of good quality then you should let the roller do its job.  


  1. Top to bottom 


After making sure you got all the edges, use the roller you have to paint your walls downward. Make sure you follow a downward direction all throughout. 


If ever these steps are too much for you, you can always opt for a professional. Looking for a painter? will help you when it comes to your painting needs. Besides, no one’s better when it comes to a professional outcome but a professional.