Car Towing Scams to Avoid

When you decide that you need to employ a towing service provider, ensure that you do your homework first. Many businesses may have unscrupulous strategies and hidden fees. If you ever need towing services and you’re checking your mobile for that while you’re stranded on the highway, then you’re most likely to be in a dire situation. In some cases, such as when the vehicle is hauled away because it is illegally parked, then the car owner won’t have a say as to which company will tow their car. However, when certain situations arise when the driver needs towing and he or she can choose as to whom to contact, like in the case of fender benders or gliding down the icy road, it is important to choose wisely and pay attention to all the details about the towing company.

Hire an Insured Towing Company

In case you don’t know of any towing company or if your insurance is not covering the service, then you must contact a reliable towing service provider. When you do, be sure to ask them all the questions you want to ask. Doing so will keep you from overpaying or getting scammed. There are a lot of towing schemes today and you should be very wary of them. If the offer seems too much, then raise a red flag. Some companies will advertise a very low hook up fee only to charge you higher per mile. Know what the average cost of towing your vehicle is and go from there. It is important to ask about pricing right from the start so there won’t be any surprises in the end.

Know the Towing Charge Limit

In most states, including tow companies have limits on what they can charge. Even so, there are still some that are not complying with that rule. Many unscrupulous firms, in addition to the basic tow and fuel fees, will also demand high administrative and processing costs, not to mention a daily storage fee. Daily storage fees are quite common, but they should be reasonably priced. A $20 a day fee is ideal. However, some companies will charge you up to $125 for each day that you don’t collect your car. Worse, you don’t know about the rate at all.

Ask About the Rates

When hiring a towing company, know their rates upfront with you. Then double-check once you get to their garage. Always sign an agreement before you agree to get your car towed. In the agreement, the full price of the service should be indicated. Do not hire unsolicited towing companies. Be aware of those that just show up at the scene, as if coming out of nowhere. They are the ones referred to as the scanner listeners. They listen to scanners used by police, and they pick up clients that way.

Avoid the Most Common Towing Scams

In some situations, the towing companies will even try to go to the site before the police do. That way, the one appointed by the police won’t get the tow. They’ll get the driver to sign the authorization papers immediately. In many regions, though, these activities are being cracked down. In some places, it is illegal to haul away vehicles for parking violations without authorization. Tow companies can’t also pay informants about illegally parked vehicles. An unsolicited towing company can’t tow a vehicle without permission. To avoid towing scams and fraud hire only reputable businesses.

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